Saturday, February 26, 2011

hey you. I need you, buddy.

I cannot put this onto words. But it must have begun when I first saw you. I've known that you'd come and break my heart. A love that doesn't surprise much. A love that doesn't get my heart racing nor break my heart. A love that complains of boredom occasionally. Although this kind of love is ordinary, do you know that I want to experience it? As it makes me hate you when you ignore me. And I don't want to continue, but you already knew that I can't live without you. Because I don't want to burden you, even now I stay by your side with sadness. You want to say some other things, but what if I were to tell you first that I loved you? I wonder what kind of expression you will have then. 


aha, selamat pengantin baru yeah!!
moga dpt anak rama-ramai. HEHE


  1. Haaaaa? sapa niiii? Si won? :O

  2. hahahahahahhaha si wonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn